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This Hair Piece is an ideal way for women who are suffering hair loss problems wish to add volume and length. Also popular for women or young ladies who have thinning...


What is a hair topper?

Hair topper is a small wig commonly used by women to add volume and fullness to thinning Hair because in most cases they can secure it to their head with the help of clips. Unlike regular wigs that provide complete coverage of the head, Hair Topper is designed to cover specific hair thinning areas of the head to achieve a complete hair appearance. Just like other types of wigs, Hair Topper comes in different base designs, sizes, and shapes to accommodate different stages and areas of hair loss and thinning.

How to choose the right Hair Topper size?

Choosing the right size for your Hair Topper base is the most important thing because of how natural your Hair Topper looks and whether it can be properly secured to your head. The basic size of the top of your hair should always be consistent with your hair loss area.

First, you need to determine the area of hair loss on your head, which can be a section, the top of your head, your hairline, or your entire hair.

A tape measure is then used to measure the distance of the hair loss area from front to back and left to right, which is the length and width of the basic size, respectively.

After obtaining the correct base size, you will be able to know that the hair top size you purchase will fit exactly in your hair thinning area.

How to choose the right color for Hair Topper?

Generally speaking, hair topper wearers usually look for hair colors that most approximate their hair color to appear as natural as possible. For many first-time wearers, it can be challenging to figure out the right hair color for themselves. The most effective way to do that would be for you to send hair topper companies the hair sample of your hair and we will match it up with the color of your hair sample in the most reliable way. This method has proved to be what always makes the customers satisfied without any chance for discrepancies.

Another way to select the right hair color would be using a color ring that allows you to compare your hair against shades of the hair swatches to find the color right for your hair topper. This is usually very effective as well given it allows you to physically compare your hair color to the swatches.

What is a silk base?

The silk base is a special wig base consisting of three layers of silk, lace and diamond. When viewed from the top to the bottom, each strand looks as if it is growing out of the scalp.

This remarkable naturalness is achieved through a very complex and time-consuming hair ventilation process involving the top and middle layers of the hair system foundation.

Each strand of hair must be tightly knoted on a middle layer made of a very strong lace material to ensure excellent durability of the hair system before being carefully pulled out from the top layer made of a special material called monofilaments.

This highly mimics the appearance of the human scalp and successfully hides all the knots under the top layer, giving a natural appearance of no knots throughout the base.

To maximize the comfort of the wearer's hair system, another very soft and silky layer known as the diamond monolayer, designed to make contact with the wearer's scalp, is placed at the very bottom of the base.

Silk Base is widely regarded as the most natural wig base and is favored by a large number of wig wearers around the world.

How to wear a hair topper properly?

In contrast to men, who usually have to shave their existing hair before applying adhesive to secure their wigs, most women prefer to use clips to put on their top hats because they don't want to shave their hair. Using clips to connect hair accessories is easier and faster, as shown in the following steps:

Step 1
Open all clips under the top hat and gently comb the area of hair that will be attached to the top hat clip for a firmer fix.

Step 2
Align the top to the area of hair loss by pulling it over the front hairline and securing the clip.

Step 3
Apply gentle pressure to the top of the bobby pin to hold all the bobby pins in place. And blend your natural hair with the top until the wig is almost undetectable.

How much does Hair topper cost?

Hair type


The production of hairpieces uses different types of hair with different characteristics. The most common human hair types are Indian hair, Indian remi hair, European hair and Chinese hair. In general, more elaborate and scarce hair types, such as Indian centaur hair and European hair, usually command higher prices.


Synthetic hair is a less costly option when you choose female hair topper, however, they do not look as natural and realistic as real human hair wigs.


The length of the hair


When manufacturers of hair systems purchase human hair materials for production, the longer the hair, the higher the cost. That's because hair is originally collected from the donor's head, and longer hair takes more time to grow back. So, in this respect, the fact that longer hair costs more makes perfect sense.


Hair density


Hair density is a measure of hair volume by hair topper. The higher the density, the more hair will be on the hairpieces. Hair density is usually divided into different grades to meet the needs of different people of different hair density and age. That being said, when everything else remains the same, it makes perfect sense that higher hair density equals higher price, because wig makers need more hair material to produce a higher density of hair topper.


The supply and demand


Like most other products, the price of hair topper is influenced by local supply and demand. Many wig suppliers and wholesalers sometimes manage to raise the prices of their best-selling products to achieve higher profit margins without much impact on revenue. Although items that do not sell well are often sold to liquidate their inventory. On the other hand, regions with more developed economies and stronger purchasing power tend to see the same hair topper sold at a higher price than less developed regions.