About YIYO Hair

We are one of the best suppliers of non-surgical hair replacement systems, founded in 2010, located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, China.  Our hair replacement system is durable, natural looking and uses 100% human hair.  For more than a decade we have been dedicated to providing the best quality Toupees and Toppers at affordable prices to our customers around the world.  With many years of experience in export trade, our market scope now covers North America, Europe, Australia.  

Yiyohair's mission is to meet the needs of every customer.  We don't just provide products;  And do our best to support our customers with any problems they may face.  We have a professional and enthusiastic service team to select the most matching hair system for you, and provide you with helpful services to extend the life of your hairpiece.  We try our best to change your life and make you a brand new person.  

We are also proud to work with more commercial customers to provide the perfect unit for their final  users, and we ensure that our hair replacement systems comfortably fit the look and feel of the final  user.  

At Yiyohair, every member of the team has mastered the production knowledge of non-surgical hair replacement systems, received the latest technical training, and kept abreast of the industry trends.  Because we are passionate about all of our customers and are always open to receiving feedback, we continue to progress to become the industry leader and work together to make the best quality hair systems for our customers.  We not only want to meet the basic needs of customers, but also combine the fashion trends to make our products more fashionable and more in line with people's needs at a specific time. 

Our factory

Dedicated to becoming a leading manufacturer and distributor of hair systems, our factory has a large number of skilled craftsmen.  Our experienced factory team uses the most modern equipment to create an undetectable hairline and the most natural look, which allows us to meet all of our customers' product needs.  Each of our hair replacement systems goes through a series of quality control processes.  This includes multiple quality checks during production to ensure that each hairpiece meets the highest standards.  Our factory consistently produces the highest quality hair systems for our customers. 

Our office area

Our office area is composed of quality inspection, customer service, operations team, art design and supply chain.  From production to delivery, every link is strictly checked, to provide you with efficient service and high quality products.  We value our international customers, regardless of their time zone or location, we are able to communicate with customers at the first time.  Our professionals will ensure you find the hair system you need and deliver it in a timely manner.  We have excellent inspectors to ensure that you can get a consistently high quality hairpiece. 

Additional services

Our professional hair stylist team can provide comprehensive hairpiece styling services and base size cutting services.  If you have more stringent requirements on the density of hairpieces and the proportion of white hair, please send them to us in time.  We will also provide customized service, you can choose the hair type, hair color, hair direction, crochet method, hair length, hair density, hair curvature, net bottom style, net bottom size, net bottom color, white hair type, curl and so on to create a perfect fit hair. 

Our warehouse

Yiyohair stocks a variety of different models of hair replacement systems available in 63 colors for immediate delivery.  It also offers a variety of hair system designs, including lace base, skin base, Mono base toupees for men, and Topper for women.  We also provide a variety of special accessories for hair system, such as tape, glue, hairpin, comb, etc.  Everything can be delivered to you within 3-7 working days after the shipping date. 

Our team

Our team is committed to providing the most professional and considerate service to our customers, while every member of Yiyohair is like a family member.  In such a highly collaborative and synergistic team, we take pride in helping each other grow and get better.  We prioritize a friendly, supportive environment and believe that bringing happiness and positive energy to every member of our team is essential to a thriving business.  That's why we're here, to help you reinvent and love your hair again.  Our goal is to put you back in control of your hair, appearance, confidence and life.  

We hope you will love us and stay forever, but the decision is always up to you.  You won't find any binding contracts here because we know we should win your business, not demand it.  

Yiyohair, Create beauty and regain confidence! 

We’re committing to create the change
we want to see in the world

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