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What is the best custom hair system for me?

To find the best custom hair system for you, the first thing you need to know is what size Toupee best fits the hair loss area of your head.  If you order the wrong size, the toupee hair replacement systems may end up looking awkward or even unwearable.  

Next, you need to choose the right base design, preferring a hair system that looks natural and imperceptible, or putting more emphasis on whether Toupee is breathable and comfortable enough to fully enjoy itself in many situations.  Therefore, decide which base design is best for you after deciding on your preferences.  Base color is recommended to choose the color closest to your skin tone to create the most natural makeup!  

For A person's front hairline, there are four common front contour shapes: AA, A, CC, and C.  Determining the correct front profile based on your front profile shape is important to get a natural look. The hair system of curls/waves and hair density also plays a key role in the natural look of realistic male hairpieces.  To ensure perfect and seamless integration with your existing hair, you need to ensure that the curls/waves and hair density of the non-surgical hair replacement system match the client's existing hair (unless they are completely bald).  

Other options for the men's custom hair system, including hair length, color, orientation, and gray or highlight type, are entirely up to your personal preference.  Whatever you like, it should be the best fit.  Finally, use a bleached knot on top of the lace base to make the base look more natural.  Therefore, if you want to take your hair system to another level, it is recommended that you bleach the knots at an additional cost.

Should I choose custom hair system or stock hair system?

There is no exact answer to this question!  Everyone's situation is completely different.  When choosing between a stock hair system and a custom hair system, you need to ask yourself if you really need a custom hair system.  Unlike stock hair systems, which can be shipped immediately, custom hair systems have to be manufactured from scratch according to very specific instructions, so the production cycle can be as long as 1-4 months.  If you are in a hurry for a piece of hair, then the stock hair system is just what you need!  Relatively speaking, if you plan to order a custom hair replacement system, it is necessary to plan several months in advance to accommodate long waiting times. 

How do I make a hair system template?

To make a hair system template, you need to prepare a few things in advance, including scissors, plastic wrap, scotch tape, and markers.  

Step 1: First, clean your scalp to ensure a smooth surface.  Then, tear off a large piece of plastic wrap and place it over your head.  Make sure you press down hard and evenly, and that the plastic wrap is air-tight without any gaps or bumps.  

Next, use a marker to trace the bottom of the package.  To find the front hairline, place four fingers flat on your forehead and your pinky finger just above your eyebrow.  Where your index finger is is where your front hairline should start.  Draw a line from this point to form your hairline.  Make sure you draw a smooth outline around the head.  

Next, apply the tape to the plastic wrap from the front, then spread the tape evenly across the scalp, piece by piece.  Each piece of tape needs to overlap and completely cover the bald area.  From front to back and left to right, apply three or four coats of tape to make sure the stencil is strong enough.  

If you need parts and crowns, mark the pivot point of the original growth of the part.  Then, draw a line from the pivot point at the back of the crown to the front hairline.  Write down your name, an "F" on the front and a "B" on the back, and any special requirements for parts or crown.  

One last step, let's get it done!  Cut off excess wraps along the outline drawn.  To make sure the template fits, put it back on your head.