How Can Men with hair loss choose the perfect Hair replacement Systems?

How Can Men with hair loss choose the perfect Hair replacement Systems?

Making a hair replacement for men by hand is a complicated process that requires many steps from start to finish. Many new customers don't know how to choose the perfect hair systems. Here, Yiyohair presents eight important things for men to consider when choosing a hair replacement system. Using the information you provide, we can make the perfect hair systems for you.


Basic design


Different materials have different qualities. Lace is soft, breathable, and imperceptible, but generally not as durable as mono. Thin skin is clear, weighs very little and looks almost like your own scalp, but is not usually suitable for sports or tropical climates.


Type of hair


We have 100% human hair and synthetic fiber for your choice. While human hair is usually used for dark colors, synthetic hair is recommended for gray hair because if you dye a wig, it won't change color and fade easily. If you want silky hair, then Remy hair is for you.


Length of hair


Depending on the style you want, you can choose any length from 3 "to 20".


Density of hair


It depends on your own hair density. You should choose the density of your hair system based on your hair, as it looks more natural and realistic.


Curl and wave


It also depends on your natural curls or curls.


Direction of hair


We have provided you with a number of hair guides to choose from, which you can see on our website. Among the many available instructions, the most popular is Free hair, where you can create any hairstyle you want.


Hair color


We strongly recommend that you send real hair samples.


Many colors and their color codes are available on our website, but please note that computer monitors or cell phone screens do not always accurately reflect true colors.


Base size


You will also need to tell us the length and width of the required base and the front outline. Remember, the most accurate way to create a perfect foundation is to let you create your own basic template and send it.


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