How to choose the new toupee Hair Systems?

How to choose the new toupee Hair Systems?

First of all, in terms of production time, there are spot delivery and custom orders, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.


Stock hair systems

Pros: Inventory system can be dispatched within 24 working hours after payment. Delivery will take about 3-7 days. If your customer is in desperate need of a hair system, we recommend that you use an inventory system. We have recently added more stock models to our range, so please email me to update the stock men's toupees price list.

Disadvantages: Inventory systems don't come easily, and while they work for most customers, they don't work perfectly for everyone. The inventory system consists of the most common specifications including: 8"x10" base size, 6" hair length, 32mm microwave wave, medium or medium optical density, and a variety of colors. The inventory system can also be scaled down to a suitable size.


Custom hair systems


Advantage: Custom toupees are made according to the exact requirements of the customer to obtain the perfect fit, feel and appearance. However, you need to keep production time in mind.


Cons: The only downside is that custom orders take longer to produce. A normal male system, 8"x10" base size, 6" hair length and medium optical density, takes approximately 6-8 weeks to produce. However, our emergency services take 1-2 weeks and are available at an additional cost.


Secondly, in terms of substrates, lace, poly skin, mono and silk top are the most common substrates. They can be combined into different base designs. Here we will discuss some basic material inventory hair systems.


Lace hair systems


Lace is the most breathable substrate. If you live in hot or humid weather, we recommend using lace bottoms. Also suitable for fitness enthusiasts and people who exercise a lot, French lace is also a very good choice.


Swiss lace is much thinner than French lace. It doesn't last as long as French lace. Swiss lace in our factory can maintain the maximum medium optical density. We are currently designing a Swiss lace inventory system and will inform you when it is available for sale.


Skin Hair systems


Thin skin is another very popular base material. An undetectable hairline. However, compared to French lace and Swiss lace, it is not breathable. Our factory offers different skin thicknesses. The thinner the skin, the less durable the system. You can find a variety of options on our inventory list.


0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems. Its light, supernatural appearance made it increasingly popular in Europe and the United States. It has a lifespan of about 3-4 weeks.


0.04mm-0.06mm thin skin hair systems. You should consider this model if you feel that the life span of ultra-thin skin toupee is too short. V-looped Ventilation creates a super natural hairline.


0.06mm-0.08mm BIO skin system. It can meet your requirements with an imperceptible hairline and durability. You can choose from 63 hair colors.


These three hairstyles are the best for brushing the back, so you should never try them if you like this style.


0.08mm-0.10mm Poly skin hair systems, injection ventilation. The infused hair is very natural, with no knots at all. The hair injection system gives a smoother effect. Please note that this system is suitable for forward grooming and we do not recommend using this mode back-and-forth brush style.


Fine mono Hair Systems


Exquisite mono net sole, breathable and durable. Widely used in hair systems. Fino mono can accommodate high densities, including medium and heavy densities. All of our premium mono hair systems are medium weight density, ideal for the Asian and Middle East markets. This single sole sheared leather tulle, front lace. It's durable and difficult to detect. In addition, cutting skin gauze allows you to cut to any size you need.



Now you must have a basic understanding of our men's hair systems in stock. If our stock toupee hair units cannot meet your customer's needs, you will need to arrange custom hairpieces.


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