High-end toupees can last up to eight months, others just a few weeks. Today, Yiyohair will introduce the lifespan of different toupees for men and share some tips on how to maintain hair accessories to extend their lifespan.


Non-surgical hair replacement are not permanent products. It needs to be replaced after a period of use or damage. Because the cost of different men's toupees is different, its service life is also different. So, how long will the toupee replacement system last? It depends on the material, quality, frequency of use and maintenance of a man's toupee.


The lifespan of different men's toupees


First, let's take a look at the lifespan of different types of men's toupees. The shortest lasting toupees for men are usually lace bottoms. It can be Swiss lace or French lace. The products last three to four months. It can give you maximum comfort.


It is not easy to remove and put on a toupee because there are many small holes in the roots, which contribute to high air permeability. Improper hair removal can damage a man's toupee and shorten its lifespan.


In contrast, thin fur hair systems are easier to apply and remove, with a smooth and waterproof base. The life of the device is longer than that of the lace device. Clear polyethylene can make hair look very realistic.


In addition, men's single hair toupees are more durable than the two types we mentioned. If well maintained, it can last 6-9 months or longer. Wear this hair replacement when you exercise regularly. Men's silk toupees can also be used for a long time, giving the wearer the best wearing experience. In all, a toupee should last at least two to four months.


How to extend the life of toupees?


There are several factors that affect the lifespan of a toupee replacement system. Among them, after the purchase of high quality male toupee, maintenance is the top priority. Good maintenance not only extends the life of your toupee, but also keeps your toupee replacement system shiny and soft.


Use the right hair products


Toupees are made of human hair. Without the nutritional support of the scalp, external nutrients are needed to maintain shine and beauty. Avoid shampoos or conditioners that contain sulfates, which can cause frizz. In addition, some pre-treated men's toupees are susceptible to certain chemicals. The clerk will usually give you advance notice.


Also, avoid twisting your hair when cleaning your toupee hair replacement systems. Just clean the system under soft water. The water temperature should be mild or cool. Avoid using a hair dryer at high temperatures while drying the toupee hair replacement system.


It's best to let your hair air dry in a ventilated place. Or you can buy a coat hanger to blow dry your hair. If your hair gets tangled, run a wide-toothed comb through it before washing.


You should also be careful when you remove your hair from your head. You can hire a professional to do this when you first start wearing the product. If you want to do it yourself, you need to use a specific hair removal system and gently pull down the wool base.


If you want to wear a toupee while sleeping, it is recommended to sleep on a pillow with a smooth surface, such as silk or satin, which will not cause friction. Here are the main tips for maintaining a man's toupee. With the right technique, men's toupees can be easily managed.


How long can the men's toupee last? The bottom line is to buy a high-quality hair replacement system first. Good maintenance can greatly improve the appearance and longevity of men's toupees.


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