Do you know the basic types of toupee for men?

Do you know the basic types of toupee for men?

There are so many basic types of toupee for men that it's essential to order the best hair replacement system to suit your unique needs. Whether you're a new user of the hair system or an experienced user, knowing the range of basic types can help you choose the best toupee hair for men. As the world's top provider of non-surgical hair replacement systems, we offer our customers a diverse base of toupee.



Basic hair System:




Yiyohair has been designing an undetectable hair system for over a decade and has brought the following hair system basics to our customers:




1. Skin base of various thicknesses



2. Lace base



3. Monofilament base



4.Silk top base





Skin hair systems



Men who choose this skin base are those who don't want to compromise on the natural look of a hair replacement system. This male toupee is completely undetectable because it's so thin it becomes part of the skin and you'll have an undetectable hairline.




1.Ultra-thin skin thickness is only 0.03mm, durability: about 1 month;

2.Thin skin 0.04-0.06mm, durability :2-3months or so;

3.Bio skin 0.06 -0.08mm, durability: 3-4 months or so;

4.Poly skin 0.08-0.10mm, durability: 4-5 months;

5.The thickness of thick skin is more than 0.10-0.12mm, and the durability can reach more than half a year.


Yiyohair provides three types of ventilation according to these skin hair toupee:




1.Single knot - This knot lasts longer, but may look unnatural because the knot is visible.

2.V-Looped - No knots, so it looks more natural.

3.Injected - This type of ventilation is more prone to shedding and does not retain heavy density.



Lace toupee



This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to balance durability with natural charm. Hair systems designed with this basic option last longer than toupee, which is based on ultrathin skin. At Yiyohair, we offer two types of lace base options:




Swiss lace - This is the most natural, imperceptible and breathable base material. It's thin, delicate, soft and comfortable to wear. However, it tears easily and only lasts about 1-2 months.




French lace - the most popular material, is delicate, breathable and durable. Due to its natural color, hairpieces are perfect for people who live in hot climates or are manual laborers, or if you exercise a lot.




Worried about the cost of hair accessories? Don't worry! After you've mastered the art of your lace hairpieces, it's not a big expense.





Monofilament Base hair pieces



Some people want their hair system to be very durable and not invisible. Monofilament is the perfect choice for such hair system users. We offer four types of monofilament hair base to customers in over 220 countries:




1.Fine mono - Thin mono is the most classic mono material, with very small holes for air permeability. It is finer than the mono color of fine welded. The fine mono PU peripheral base is a very classic design, which is breathable and can last more than 6-8 months.




2.Fine welded mono - Fine welded mono is like lace, but harder and more durable. It is breathable and difficult to detect. The density of a finely welded mono base can reach heavy duty. With proper care, a fine welded mono hairpieces can last 6-9 months.




3.Super fine mono - Super fine mono is finer than fine mono, very close to silk mono. The hair can be fixed in a mono split knot and can be used to inject the lace hair system to make the hair look like it grows from the scalp. With proper care, ultrafine mononuclear cell tumors can also last for more than 6-10 months.




4.Silk Monofilament - Silk mono is the best of all types of mono. Just like its name, it looks like silk, smooth and delicate. It helps to imitate real human hair and is often used in the top-infused lace hair system. Silk mono is breathable and realistic, and can withstand medium density.





The above are the common basic types of men's stock hair systems. Of course, there are also many kinds of styles, such as skin+lace front+ monofilament hybrid network bottom, lace with clear poly, mono with poly coating, Poly real with gauze, etc.




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