What are the differences between hair replacement systems for different base materials?

What are the differences between hair replacement systems for different base materials?

Each hair system has its own characteristics.  Yiyohair will introduce the basic material information of Toupee for men to help you determine which hair replacement system you want.


What are the skin hair systems?  


Ultrathin skin, only 0.03mm thick.  It is thinner than other hair systems and, therefore, ultra-thin skin requires more care during normal maintenance.  If you choose ultra-thin skin, you need to buy about 10-12 pieces every year.  The advantages are that it is light weight, fits your head very well and has a very natural hairline.  Such thin skin keeps the appearance of your scalp realistic, no one can tell you are wearing a hairpiece, but it has a short life.  


Thin Skin Hair Systems, thickness 0.04-0.06mm, is the normal thickness, suitable for knotted, V-looped and injection hair.  It is lightweight and more durable than ultra-thin skin.  Under normal circumstances, it can be used for about 2-3 months.  It's easy to glue and clean.  It's natural to apply skin and hair systems because they fit so well into your scalp.  Maintain a natural appearance.  


0.08-0.10mm thick skin hair system, it is very durable, the basic material can bear higher density of hair, suitable for all kinds of hair styling, not easy to fall off, even if you often take it off to clean, as long as the hair properly maintained, can be used for about half a year, very practical men's Toupee.  


What are the advantages of the lace hair systems?  


The popular lace materials in the hairpieces industry are Swiss lace and French lace.  Swiss lace is softer and more comfortable to wear than French lace, but it is not strong and tends to break.  Swiss lace or French lace can be woven into three basic types of hair replacement systems.  


Full lace hair system, lace hair is soft and breathable, very comfortable to wear.  We recommend it in hot areas or for men who sweat easily.  


Lace front hair system, lace is the best fabric for the front part of men's Toupee because it has a natural hairline.  It features a soft, breathable and natural front, and a PU on the sides and back that makes the hair system easier to fit on the head and easier to clean.  


Use a soft lace base in the middle of the base, which is sturdy, breathable and easy to maintain, evaporating heat and sweat, and use a thin skin around it, which easily fits the skin on your head.  This hairstyle is suitable for first-time wig users.  It can keep you refreshed during hot weather or strenuous exercise without being particularly hot and humid.  


What is Mono Hair Toupee?  


Mono Foundation is a high strength and ultra durable hair system.  It has a natural look and can withstand high density hair.  It generally uses lace to keep the front soft and authentic, and uses 100% human hair to maintain a natural look.  The use of thin skin improves the fit with the head, easy to clean and maintain.  Generally, the Mono-based Toupee for men lasts for more than six months, and if you take care of your hair, a year is not a problem.  


Silk top hair systems  


Silk Top Hair Systems is a hair line with a Silk top, a lace top and a diamond top.  Viewed from the top, each hair looks as if it is growing out of the scalp.  This particular natural effect is actually achieved through the very complex and time-consuming hair ventilation process, which involves the top and middle layers of the base of the hair system.  


Each strand of hair must be tightly knoted over the middle layer (which is made of a very strong lace material to ensure the superior durability of the hair system) and carefully pulled out of the top layer (which is made of a special material called monofilaments, which very closely mimics the appearance of a human scalp).  


This process hides all the knots under the top layer, thus presenting a knot-free, natural appearance over the entire base.  To maximize the wearer's comfort, another very soft silky layer is placed at the very bottom of the base, intended to make contact with the wearer's scalp.  Perfect for customers looking for a natural look and great comfort, but it's expensive!  Whether it is the process or the choice of basic material. 



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