Do you know how to distinguish high-quality hair systems and bad hair systems?

Do you know how to distinguish high-quality hair systems and bad hair systems?

What is a bad hair system?

The simple answer is that you can spot a bad hair system directly. The low quality hair system is such a recognized hair.


The premium new toupee can match your hair color, density, curvature, hair direction, hair texture. What's more, the hairline of the high quality hair system looks very realistic and is not heavy. It has a naturally receding hairline shape that always blends in with your existing hair without noticeable lines.


Hair replacement systems are made from synthetic or human hair. The finest quality hair systems are made from human hair, carefully selected to perfectly suit your hair color, density, and natural texture. The quality of human hair varies widely in terms of strength, elasticity, and overall health. Typically, the best quality toupee hair replacement systems are made from European hair.


European hair comes in all colors, thick or thin, straight, wavy or curly. Asian and Indian hair, on the other hand, needs to be bleached to match other hair colors, which can make hair brittle and more likely to break.


How to choose high quality hair systems?


The price of human hair system is higher, but the appearance is the most realistic, can last on your head. With proper care, the hair system will last longer than synthetic hairpieces. You can perm or dye your premium hair system, which can be very useful if it starts to fade from the sun or change with your natural hair color. In addition to looking more natural, human hair feels like real hair growing out.


High quality synthetic fiber toupee hair may look good, but it's not real hair at all and ends up looking like you're wearing a wig. And they don't live as long as human hair systems. Synthetic hairpieces do not undergo heat styling like human hair, so they need to be washed with detergent formulated for synthetic fibers.


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