How to Wear Men's Toupee Hair with Different Bases?

How to Wear Men's Toupee Hair with Different Bases?

When buying men's toupees online, you may come across skin hair systems, Lace hair systems, mono hair systems, and silk top hairpieces. You can also see men's hairpieces with 0.03mm ultra-thin skin, 0.04-0.06mm thin skin, 0.06-0.08mm clear skin, 0.08-0.10mm poly skin, full lace hair system, lace front hair system, mono hair system, and blended base toupee Hair units.



For men unfamiliar with wigs, this can be a bit confusing. Don't worry! As one of the world's leading manufacturers of non-surgical hair replacement systems, we are very knowledgeable about all types of hair systems. In today's blog, we'll introduce you to the features of various men's hair systems and show you how to wear toupee hair.


So many types of hair system how to choose?


At Yiyohair you can see many different models of toupee hair for men. Many customers do not know how to choose a hair unit. However, each customer has their own needs.


Yiyohair explains the features of each hair replacement system. Find out what kind of hair replacement you want.


If you just look at the pictures of these toupee hair for men, you will see that basically all toupee hair is different because we show you the basis of different styles, different hair colors, different hairstyles and different face shapes for men. These factors make your choice difficult.


In fact, we can divide hair systems into four types according to the type of base: full skin, Lace Base, mono Base and silk top.


The whole skin net bottom is more close to the top of the head, with the most realistic appearance, easy to adhere and clean. Since the bottom is a single piece of skin, it is not breathable. Of course, you can also choose to make small holes in the skin. But this can make the hair system deteriorate faster. It is light, but not durable. According to the thickness of the skin base, generally 1-4 months need to be replaced.


For a hair system with good air permeability, choose Lace base. The lace hair system is softer than skin, stronger and more breathable, and looks natural when worn. Lace mesh bottom is a knotted fabric that breathes well. If you like sports or do manual labor, or are in a hot zone, don't hesitate. It is a good choice, but it is more troublesome to clean because it requires the use of glue to connect your hair system.


mono mesh is the toughest and most durable alternative to hair. Since the material is hard and the hand feel is worse when touching the top of the head, poly coating edges or adding front lace are generally used. Single-engine systems can also handle higher density and weight. It's heavier than skin base and lace bottom. hairpieces of this substrate typically last from six months to a year.


How to wear the hair replacement system?


Yiyohair suggests that your best approach is to use toupee tape with glue.


You can cover it with tape first and then tape it on, on untouched areas, because glue can go to very small and detailed places, but tape on large areas, it's best to use it together. The special tape is so soft and thin that it doesn't feel particularly uncomfortable.


Glue has a disadvantage. It stains easily. The glue is specifically designed to stick to the skin without causing major problems.



Why do many people like the skin hair systems?



The skin hair system has a lot of non-surgical hair replacement population. Yiyohair collected a lot of customer feedback and summarized the following reasons:


The skin hair system is easy to fix and adjust to any size. Because the skin is thin, the scalp looks natural.


The first 3/4 inch section uses V-looped to create an undetectable hairline.



Hair enters base and pulls back through skin base, without any knots, can be shaped or combed in the desired direction, looks more natural, hair density is medium, weight is very light, easy to glue and clean.


For fur systems, we currently recommend 0.04-0.06mm and 0.06-0.08mm thicknesses, which are also the two most common thickness options.


The ultra-thin skin of 0.02-0.04mm is like plastic wrap, but it is too easy to be damaged, and many customers will destroy it when they clean it for the first time. Therefore, it is not recommended for beginners of hair system to choose ultra-thin skin. Of course, if you're a longtime male toupee wearer, then you know how to care for this hair replacement system.


Yiyohair is dedicated to making everyone who has lost their hair enjoy their life again. We help every bald man who needs help by performing non-surgical hair replacement for men. There are no high costs here that can make you look better and help you regain it.



With a handsome image and the possibility to catch up again, Yiyohair is happy to help you regain your youth, gain your confidence and win your love. On this basis, we pay attention to the detailed needs of each customer, feedback after use, shopping experience, and respect the privacy of each customer, to provide you with the most professional and enthusiastic service, and constantly improve our ability to give you the best quality products and the most intimate service!


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