How to attach hair system correctly?

How to attach hair system correctly?

Wearing a toupee is a popular way to hide male who are suffering hair loss problem. But how to attach hair system correctly and make them to be placed evenly. Now just following the steps.

Before we attach the hair system, it’s important to ensure that you already clean your scalp.

Measure your hairline with your fingers. Hold your pinky finger over your eyebrow and wherever your index finger touches your scalp is your hairline. This is the most easy way to find the right hairline for you. And then the hairline where we mark.

Apply tape on the perimeter of the system, if you choose glue to attach then apply the special toupee glue on your head and let it be half dry to transparent.

Place the hair system on your head and adjust to the proper position for your hairline.

Press the hair system down on your scalp and smooth it down.

Press down with a comb and let stay in place.

Anything once the hair is on you, it's become part of you, so you can just treat it make your own hair. If you want looking very natural, use some gel to style it as desired.


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