Glue or Tape for Hair System ?

Glue or Tape for Hair System ?

Tape is better than glue? Yes and no, actually it depends. There are some relatively new to the world of hair systems are confused with using glue and tape and most of people think tape can be easier to apply onto the hair system while glue more strong than tape.

For a poly system that is attached with adhesive glue or super tape both are okay. But what about full lace base? Does the glue will seep through the lace and into the hair?

Glue is sort of more undetectable to the sight than tape, especially on a full lace piece, although it's probably only worth the additional effort if you are exposing your hairline. Glue is (or at least can be) also undetectable to the touch, which is important if you are dating.

It seems glue seeping into the lace is a problem. The solution is to put glue on your scalp only (never on the base), and to leave it till it is dry and just slightly tacky before applying the hairpiece or you can speed it up with a blower. We strongly advice that you do a 24 hour patch test with any bonding product to make sure it is suitable for your skin type.

If you have an exposed hairline, obviously do the tape in the front will much better cause it's strong and it stays in one area. the glue will kind of run around your head but the tape is collected in one certain area and it stays very sticky in that certain area it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't fade. The tape doesn't start to wash out it just stays there and when you do a cleanup, you just roll it right off the system, and it comes right off glue.

If you don't do the glue adhesion correctly, you could really make a mess of it and have a nightmare on your hands. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and practice more or just use tape first if you are new to apply hair system.


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