How to remove a hair system?

How to remove a hair system?

Many people have ordered systems from us and from other places are a little bit lost when it comes to taking care of their unit. One of the most asked question is how can I remove my hair system properly, in this part we're gonna show you how to take your hairpiece off.

It can be very easy if you are very active and you do a lot of exercises, then the tape will be loose already, but if it's not loose, you can use any remover you can order such as online or a salon. it’s totally okay for you use alcohol to remove it.

What you do is you just spray very little bit on the edge where the tape is and start to gently spray it on the inside of the hair, making sure that we're wetting the tape. You have to be very patient, this is really really important, because if you try to lift the system off before the solvent works, you're going to lose a bit of hair and over time the hair loss, it's going to cause the system to need to be replaced. It will start releasing itself from the tape all on its own.

Remember, don’t let them drip in your eyes. If the system doesn't release itself from the tape you either haven't put enough solvent or you haven't waited long enough for the adhesive remover to work. so now we're just going to tap that in with our fingers, making sure that it's nice and wet all the way around and we're going to slowly push the front of the system back and again, it's really important that we have patience when we're doing this job, especially the first few times that you do then the hair pieces will be released easily.

See, don’t worry about your hair system will blow by wind and fall easily by swimming, water also won’t rush your hair pieces. You have to use a remover, that's how you take it off.


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