Why Density is Important

Why Density is Important

Obviously, choose the hair density is the biggest challenge when you ordering a toupee, especially for those people who is the first time to try it. You need to plan ahead and think strategically.

The hair density is one of the most important factors if you’d like to look natural. You will look noticeable if you choose the wrong hair density, for example, someone in 60 but wear a unrealistic thickness in 150% density, it must looks weird on him.

Before we start choosing the hair density we need to understand what “hair density” is. 

“Hair Density” which refers to the amount of hair ventilated in a hair system base.

There are three main factors to consider for choosing the hair density. Your own hair density, Base net and Age.

When you lose your hair and begin wearing a hair system, it’s common to want a lot of hair. You miss your hair, and want to restore it to its prime. But it’s easy to tell you wear a toupee if you choose the heavy density hair system.

We also strongly recommend the hair density that match your age. As people age their hair will gradually getting thinner in the process. Therefore we recommend lighter hair density if you over 50.

There are some density limits depending on what base material you choose for your hair replacement system. For example, Swiss lace and Thin Skin Base only could bear light density(90%). Mono base will bear Medium density (120%~130%) and Silk base also can bear medium density (130%). Extra Light is usually too thin for most clients thus we don’t recommend that density. Extra light hair density is similar to that of an old man who’s in his seventies or sixties.

Please check the following density chart as a reference.


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